artist statement:

Surface, takes a form of metaphor and physical expression in my work and this significance is central to ideas of which human perception revolve.  Both our interior and exterior perception of ourselves and others dictate how we exist in the world.  Our perceptions are based on generalities, and surface values.  Surface also inspires much of my process, which encourages ones close observation, and solicits the desire to touch for understanding.  I seek to better understand ideas of feminine identity and beauty through my experiences as a member of a marginalized society.  I use deception, desire and decoration to question topics of truth, fascination and attraction.  Often, I use manufactured hair (both synthetic and human) to exercise its role as embellishment and as signifier of racial identity. In this work, hair functions as both subject and material, and represents both assimilation and individuality.  My work takes alternative approaches to traditions of drawing, collage, sculpture and printmaking to create a surface quality that implies complexity.

CV:  vitae.pdf